Corporate Services

Volunteer Fairfax helps build capacity within the corporate sector to build and manage employee volunteer programs.

If you are looking for a volunteer project for your company, please search our online database for current volunteer opportunities or nonprofit organizations by mission area and geographic location.

If you would like a Volunteer Fairfax information and referral specialist to help you identify potential employee projects, please contact Sara Kreitzer for more information. Depending on your company's requirements and preferences, you may be asked for a contribution to cover research and project development.

Volunteer Fairfax also manages corporate service days for employee groups of 5 to 5,000 and more. Please see our BusinessLink page for more information.

Showcase Your Skills

To ensure the best use of your employees’ unique talents, Volunteer Fairfax offers skills-based placements as well as matching services to help your company identify strategic opportunities with local nonprofit organizations. Our expertise will help you expand employee engagement, ensuring you navigate the many facets of launching or deepening your corporate social responsibility offerings.

Volunteer Fairfax