Sprint Volunteer Day

Sprint Volunteer Day

Sprint Volunteer Day

Through a special partnership with Points of Light & Hands On Network, Sprint employees volunteered at several schools throughout the country to complete revitalization projects in the fall of 2008 and the spring of 2009.

Volunteer Fairfax worked with a local Sprint office to identify projects at KIPP DC AIM Academy and put together a large-scale planting event on the campus. Sprint volunteers were anxious to partner with the school, as it is one of the company's clients. In fact, some of the employees who work on the account came out to volunteer.

The volunteers planted 600 flowers down an entire city block in front of the school, creating a welcoming environment for students, teachers and neighbors alike. In addition, volunteers placed paving stones for access between the street and the sidewalk.

Project Impact

Afterwards, Sprint employees reflected on what they enjoyed most: learning about the school, meeting some of the students, working with other employees, and making a difference in the community.

"Sprint's goal for today was to engage our employees in giving back to the community," says Alex Hahn, Sprint community and public relations manager. "KIPP DC's AIM Academy is a great charter school, and some of our employees in sales and engineering have worked with the school through their day jobs. So it was great to see them — and the rest of the Sprint team — volunteering to transform this space for the students, teachers and residents of this Anacostia neighborhood."

"Today's project shows that raising our kids is a community effort," says Kristy Ochs, principal of KIPP DC-AIM Academy. "Having the corporate and nonprofit communities come together at AIM Academy shows that we are a neighborhood school becoming an important part of the District. [The volunteers] have created a more welcoming home for our students."

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