Participant testimonials:

  • Silvia MC, a retired lawyer, says “The BoardLink interview was very easy and got me to focus on my areas of interest and expertise.  The staff was knowledgeable about nonprofit board operations and extremely helpful.” 

  • Sal B. says, "My board placement connected me back to my original college degree while also serving Northern Virginia.  I enjoyed the board by engaging right away on different initiatives. "

Interested in serving the community with high impact?

Consider joining a board of directors? If you have the passion, interest and commitment, one of the thousands of non-profits might be interested in having you serve on their boards.

Volunteer Fairfax encourages the our community to invest in the local non-profit sector through one of the most important volunteer roles possible: serving on a nonprofit board of directors. BoardLink Northern Virginia can work with you to identify your board skills, nonporfoit needs and potential board service opportunities that utilize your time, talents and resources.
Board service can offer:

  • A place to find new personal and professional challenges
  • Enhance/utilize creativity
  • Develop or hone management skills
  • Become a role model to the community
  • Create leadership opportunities
  • Give back to the community

Upcoming BoardLink Northern Virginia and You Orientations

The cost to participate in BoardLink is $100. It covers orientation information, an initial interview to complete your online profile and guidance during the interview and decision-making process To find out about participating in BoardLink Northern Virginia, contact Susan Sanow at (703) 246-3534 and request an information packet.

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