When Sarah Lennon, Vice-Chair of the Braddock District Council of Community Associations (BDC), posted on Facebook for a volunteer webmaster for the Council, she was looking for someone who could bring some fresh air to the existing website. Charlotte Hannagan responded to the post and with eagerness took it to the next level. Setting up a new website from scratch, Charlotte created an attractive, informative, and user-friendly site that makes communications between the Supervisor and the 165-plus HOA/CA/Condo associations in the district much more effective.

Charlotte has served in several leadership positions, including on the Kings Park Civic Association and a swimming pool association, and brought her skills into this new role in the summer of 2022. Not only did the website get a complete upgrade, but the email database for the Council also came under her management. Charlotte consistently posts pertinent links to articles of interest for Council members, keeping the website current and relevant for its membership. Furthermore, Charlotte is PTA president at both Kings Park and Kings Glen.

It is through her contributions that the Braddock District Council’s Strategic Communication Plan has started off with a solid foundation. Through these efforts to revamp the BDC’s website and more, the leadership and elected officers view her as an essential member of the Council.

“Charlotte Hannagan is a community leader and champion who isn’t afraid to tackle the tough tasks that make our neighborhoods and civic organizations strong and vibrant. Through her work with both the Kings Park Civic Association and the Braddock District Council, Charlotte has made significant contributions, including revamping the BDC website to better communicate its mission and ways to get involved. She is a true community champion!”