Supporting the Community When It’s Needed Most

Volunteer Fairfax is the designated lead agency for recruitment and deployment of affiliated and spontaneous volunteers as well as the management of spontaneous volunteers during an emergency. Volunteer Fairfax continues to fulfill its mission by mobilizing people and resources to meet community need through involvement in Fairfax County and Regional Emergency Response and Recovery functions.

Spontaneous Volunteers are also known as convergent or unaffiliated volunteers. They are not associated with any recognized disaster response agency but they possess other training, skills and experience. They can appear on the scene or call to offer assistance. Unaffiliated does not mean unskilled and there are many ways for volunteers to be involved provided that there is some organization and procedure. That is where Volunteer Fairfax comes in.

Volunteer Fairfax’s Role:

  • Manages the spontaneous volunteers for Fairfax County and activates a Volunteer Reception Center when called upon to do so by the Fairfax County Office of Emergency Management.
  • Serves as a connection between county government and VOAD organizations and other nonprofits throughout the recovery effort
  • Serves as a voice for volunteer management and training on disaster and emergency-based committees and councils
  • Works with volunteer centers of the National Capital Area to further strengthen mutual aid compacts and communications planning