Our Mission

Volunteer Fairfax engages people and organizations to amplify their community impact.


We achieve our mission through a variety of programs, special events, and services. Through these activities, Volunteer Fairfax strengthens the capacity of local nonprofits, connects for-profit resources to community need, matches volunteers to meaningful service, supports government programs, and hosts family-friendly volunteer opportunities.


Volunteerism, as an ideal and a practice, is a vital part of our American history and heritage.

A History of Volunteering

The center was founded as the Voluntary Action Center of Fairfax County by an act of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. In the first year of operation, the VAC had a staff of two and engaged 211 volunteers. The center was renamed Volunteer Fairfax in 1992. See how far we've come.

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Our Impact

Every time someone engages in service, they not only enrich their own lives, but also help Volunteer Fairfax achieve its mission of meeting community needs. We work hard to make that impact touch as many lives as possible. Discover our impact by the numbers.

Impact & Success