During the COVID-19 pandemic, most nonprofits and agencies supported by Volunteers for Change (VFC) were not able to engage volunteers. Currently, Volunteers For Change is not running and we do not foresee reinstating this program. However, previous VFC volunteers may still use their logins. Anyone who is seeking new volunteering opportunities please see our Volunteer Now! page- these opportunities do not require an orientation with us.

Sometimes volunteering happens on a whim. No formal training is required unless stated by our partner organization. You may choose to work with organizations that benefit children or seniors, help the homeless or the hungry, or assist with park or building renovations. There will be ongoing options, as well as one-time special events listed in the Volunteer Now! Database.

If you are seeking volunteer service for any court-related need (including at the recommendation of an attorney), check out our Alternative Community Service Program, as regular volunteer opportunities are often not able to fulfill this need.

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