Cathy Jaquette co-founded the Oakton Pantry in 2016. She plays a vital role in ensuring the Pantry is fully functioning and fully stocked with food, household items, toiletries, school supplies, and other essentials. Due to her tireless efforts, this extremely important, heavily utilized resource helps to meet a variety of community needs. By adhering to a no-questions-asked, no-limit policy, the Pantry provides an open door to those in need.

Cathy’s devotion to the Oakton Pantry has a positive impact on Oakton High School (OHS) students and their families. She volunteers and spearheads the collection and distribution of non-perishable food, hygiene items, household cleaning items, and school-day snack packs for students. The Pantry’s reach extends beyond OHS to the larger Oakton Community, serving families from Mosaic Elementary School, Marshall Road Elementary School, Oakton Elementary School, and Fairhill Elementary School. In addition, the Pantry supports and spreads the word about the needs of other non-profit organizations.

Since co-founding the Pantry, Cathy has been the main point of contact and oversees its facilitation and organization. She coordinates volunteers, communicates with donors, conducts all social media outreach, handles administrative tasks, distributes food to Pantry recipients, coordinates the annual Thanksgiving Meal and Holiday Wish list programs, works with OHS staff members, serves as the parent liaison to the Pantry Club, and leads ongoing outreach within our community. In total, she has volunteered more than 2,300 hours to the Pantry.

“I am so appreciative of Cathy and her tireless dedication to helping the students and families of Oakton High School, as well as the larger Oakton Community. The work she does to support and facilitate the efficient operation of the Pantry is extremely admirable. Thank you for your devotion to providing meaningful assistance to our community and for your commitment to our students, families and our community.”