Sal Speziale is someone who saw a need in the community and stepped forward to make a difference.  From the first time he delivered meals to Inova Fair Oaks Hospital emergency room workers, he witnessed their true gratitude and knew he wanted to continue to care for those who cared for us.  He continued to provide free meals to Inova while expanding his reach to include all area hospitals, police departments, mental health care workers, 911 dispatchers, veterinarians, Sherriff and VA state police departments. First responders and those on the front lines all began receiving free meals.  Sal delivered over 40,000 meals over the course of the pandemic to support front line workers. 

To support these enormous efforts, he created a giving campaign and fundraised more than $165,000 to keep this enormous operation running. Oftentimes, he was preparing and delivering meals multiple times a day to cover shift workers working around the clock because he knew others were doing the same. Mr. Speziale was recognized by David Muir of World News who shared his story and highlighted his swearing in as a volunteer Reserve Deputy Sheriff for the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office.

Beyond delivering food, Sal delivered smiles thoughtfully presenting elaborate presentations of his delicious food, often three course meals that changed regularly and were punctuated with special homemade desserts like cannoli and tiramisu. 

“Sal Speziale represents some of the best Springfield District has to offer. His support for our first responders during the pandemic through Ciao Osteria was above and beyond for a small Italian restaurant. Sal’s support for our public safety employees and constant fundraising has and continues to serve our critical institutions in Fairfax County. His commitment to the community is further demonstrated by his decision to serve as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office.”