When Volunteer Fairfax was established over 45 years ago to mobilize people and resources to meet community needs, we recognized that individuals and families are deserving of our help for no other reason than they are our neighbors, and their lives are valued – that their lives matter.

Our commitment to that principle continues today, and we will continue our work, through volunteerism, to ensure that the people and families that make up our local communities have the chance to thrive, regardless of their color or their circumstances.

Our hearts break over George Floyd’s death and the continued rise of incidents such as these across our nation. We stand in solidarity with the peaceful demonstrators bringing attention to inequities in our communities and demanding change where systemic racism continues to exist.

Today, Volunteer Fairfax recommits to exemplifying the values of equity and inclusion championed by initiatives like One Fairfax and partnering with Fairfax County and area non-profits to advance its implementation. We want to not only celebrate the growing diversity in our region, but be a leader in promoting greater unity among our diverse populations for the betterment of our community as a whole.

While these actions alone do not remedy the circumstances that have led to the hurt and anger we are seeing and feeling, we hope that they are a step in the right direction, and one that our community can join us in taking with care and empathy for our neighbors.

I wanted to share one of the many eloquent messages that have been circulating in recent days by Danielle Holly, CEO of Common Impact, that has resonated with our team; “Now is the time for discomfort – to lean into it, reflect on it and act to change that which makes us uneasy.”

Amidst the current strife, I want to offer on behalf of Volunteer Fairfax, our own message of hope for real, systemic change to bring equity and lasting social justice to our communities, and a reminder that there are shining, unselfish acts of healing, humanity, and service to our community occurring every day, by and for people of all colors and all walks of life.

We are always stronger together as a community.


Steve Mutty, CEO