Most days you will find Tanja at the Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD) supporting many vital community programs including the Community Police Academy, Police Leaders of Tomorrow, Teen Police Academy and Future Women Leaders in Law Enforcement.   She is a dedicated team player with a positive attitude and willingness to help in any capacity needed.

Tanja is skilled at interacting with a wide range of community members.  She is equally comfortable and personable with teens and older adults and a driving force in encouraging people to learn more and keep participating in our programs.  Throughout her tenure with the Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) program she has expanded her knowledge base of each program mainly through self-motivated means.  Many times, Tanja has used her own annual leave to volunteer at FCPD sponsored programs, something that is simply above and beyond expectations and displays her true dedication. 

Additionally, she serves as a mentor to other VIPS so they too can become stakeholders within the program.  Tanja’s expertise and ability to develop personal connections have also helped to expand attendance for our classes and her aptitude in gathering feedback has led to marked improvements in the programs and classes we offer.    

“Time is one of the most valuable resources any of us have and I cannot think of many more worthy causes than someone volunteering their time to serve their community. Tanja embodies what it truly means to be a community champion and it is a privilege to be able to select her. While I know Tanja does not do this for the recognition it is important for her and her fellow volunteers to know that the Board, our community, and myself appreciate their selflessness.”

Chairman Jeffery c. McKay