Imagine you arrive to your office on a typical October morning and…

CAUTION tape crisscrosses your door. Your ceiling is dripping spider webs. Pumpkins of every shape and size are perched on files and computers. Skeletons and zombies have taken up residence. And, here’s the yummy part…your desk is covered with your favorite candy!

Guess what! You’ve been Boo-ed!

It’s a mystery how this tradition got started. It is also a mystery who the secret phantom ghost of VF is…which only adds to the Halloween suspense! Every year the phantom ghost visits VF and never fails to impress with her/his creativity and generosity and capacity for fun.

Boo-ing is just one of the many traditions enjoyed by Volunteer Fairfax staff, office volunteers and interns. Throughout the year, fun and meaningful traditions demonstrate Volunteer Fairfax’s appreciation for each person on the team and the work they do to make the community better.