Tom McCook has been volunteering with the Kings Park West Civic Association for close to 10 years through the monthly Road Raiders neighborhood cleanups and by leading the Parks and Lake Committee. He organizes frequent park cleanups and has made excellent connections with the local student body to encourage volunteering and learning about nature and our community. 

He is also part of the Friends of Royal Lake leadership team, helping to  

design and execute several critical trail maintenance support projects. The trails surrounding Royal Lake have improved due to Tom’s volunteer efforts and the parks/parkland and sidewalks are cleaner and safer as a result of his work.

The Kings Park West Civic Association has clearly benefited from Tom’s volunteering over the years, as have the communities surrounding Royal Lake. The students at George Mason University and Robinson Secondary School are the grateful recipients of his providing meaningful volunteer opportunities.

“Tom’s boundless energy, booming voice, and unbridled enthusiasm for the parks and natural space in and around Kings Park West make him the epitome of a community champion. Wind, rain, frigid temperatures – nothing will deter Tom from getting his neighbors and local youth involved in cleaning up our parks and streams.”

Supervisor James R. Walkinshaw, Braddock District