Robbie Mosley volunteers with several local nonprofits including Britepaths, Junior Achievement and United Communities.   He’s given more than 1,500 hours to these organization and countless hours that aren’t captured preparing for his work to meet people where they are by providing training, mentorship and support. 

At Britepaths he serves as a Financial Coach providing support, information, and guidance to Britepaths’ clients as they work towards and ultimately accomplish their financial goals. Financial coaches work one-on-one with a client on goal setting and action planning, provide task accountability and encouragement for each step along the way. Clients can be working, unemployed, or underemployed.

In addition to working one-on-one with clients, Mr. Mosley also teaches workshops on personal financial topics such as developing spending and savings plans, how to review and increase your credit reports and score, managing debt, basics of savings and more.  Having someone with both his debt of knowledge and terrific interpersonal skills is really unique and such a benefit to the organizations’ clients, says one Britepaths employee.

He also educates eighth graders on financial topics at Junior Achievement’s Finance Park.  In addition to all this, he also serves twice a week at United Communities as a truck driver collecting food from local businesses like Amazon and Whole Foods, brings food back to the pantry to unload, weigh and organize.  His dedication of doing this two mornings a week frees up staff to get on-site work done and to be at the pantry. The other mornings during the week staff are the ones who are gathering donations and processing them into the pantry. 

She shared that “his role is critical to the flow of the pantry.”  Other quotes were “Robbie is a huge blessing to the food pantry.”  “On a personal level, he is just a great guy.”

“As a lifelong Fairfax County resident, I am continuously amazed by the commitment and effort our volunteers make to help those in need in our community. Robbie Mosley is a shining example of true community service. Robbie works tirelessly to help ensure that our residents have access to basic necessities as well as the tools they need to achieve long-term financial stability.”

Chairman Jeff McKay