Lisa Jones

“Lisa has dedicated countless hours to serving our community. Her commitment to improving the lives of others isn’t exclusive to her volunteer work. It’s impressive because she carries it to every aspect of her life, including her home and work life,” noted Jeff McKay, Chairman, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

Lisa has had a direct impact on all her work. As a Fairfax County Elections Officer, she worked as a voting rights advocate, ensuring voters have a safe and efficient experience at the voting booth on Election Day. As a Neighborhood Ambassador and Member of the Board of Directors for the United Community, Lisa acknowledges community concerns, identifies problems, promotes improvements, and informs community members about programs and services.  Lisa also serves as a Building Captain with Good Shepherd and a Unit Leader with Soka Gakkai International.

In her volunteer works, Lisa urges self-empowerment. She encourages people to make their voices heard through voting and fosters a family’s social, economic, and emotional ability to transform their lives. Her work at United Community helps over 9,000 disadvantaged individuals a year in areas such as early childhood learning opportunities, homelessness, child abuse prevention, promoting civic engagement, and creating programs to increase literacy in English.