Wade Smith

For many years, Mr. Wade H.B. Smith has worked without recognition; providing valuable advice on transportation, pedestrian, and development activities that impact his immediate neighborhood as well the broader community. It is time to recognize his contributions.

Mr. Smith has been volunteering for many years with the McLean Hamlet Community Association (1994 – Present), the Fairfax County Trails, Sidewalks, and Bikeways Committee (2002 – 2022), the Lewinsville Coalition (2003 – Present), and the McLean Citizens Association (2004 – Present). In his work with these organizations, he provided valuable advice on traffic, transportation, pedestrian, and bicycle issues that affect McLean. Mr. Smith reviewed developer requests for trails, sidewalks, and bicycle facilities, and he is a trusted advisor to the Dranesville Supervisor, providing recommendations on such requests. Mr. Smith also helped formulate Committee advice regarding trails, sidewalk, bicycle, and equestrian issues for all the Board of Supervisors.

As a member of the Transportation Committee of the McLean Citizen Association, Mr. Smith works on issues such as traffic congestion and speeding, cut-through traffic, I-495, and American Legion Bridge issues, road improvements and designs, bus and Metrorail service, and traffic and transportation issues associated with the proposed development.

Beyond his work on transportation issues, Mr. Smith helped establish the Lewinsville Coalition, a collection of homeowners along Lewinsville Road in McLean. This coalition considers issues like proposed developments, Tysons Corner growth issues, road and transportation improvements, eliminating through truck traffic, and traffic and athletic field issues associated with Spring Hill Recreation Center and Spring Hill Elementary School. Mr. Smith also reviews applications for exterior modifications and additions to houses and new houses proposed on McLean Hamlet lots after tearing down the existing house.

Mr. Smith challenges people to look at issues differently and not merely accept the first solution, or the simplest one proposed. As a result, the community is better served because time is taken to get to a solution that benefits everyone to the greatest extent possible. His decades of service and dedication to improving the community at large are truly admirable.

“Mr. Smith is the community volunteer you want on your team. He gives generously of his time and energy. He is someone who examines issues thoroughly and thoughtfully and often provides outside-the-box solutions. His opinions are respected by his colleagues as well as county staff,” noted Supervisor John Foust.