Gloria Runyon and Sylvia Taylor

“The dynamic duo of Gloria Runyon and Sylvia Taylor has compiled an outstanding history of the town of Vienna’s African American community. But for their dedication in doing the research and revealing the truth, this history would go unknown by many.” – Walter Alcorn

We often take our history for granted. Much of our history would be lost if it weren’t for present-day stewards like Gloria Runyon and Sylvia Taylor. Through their work with Historic Vienna, Inc., Gloria and Sylvia demonstrate not only the importance of history but the need to steward it as well. Together, they created walking and riding tours that explain the history of African Americans in the town of Vienna. These educational walking tours were originally created in 2017 and continue today. The tour starts with some background information on the 13th and 14th Amendments, and how they gave more people of color the opportunity to own homes, have schools, and churches. The tour takes people on a journey through time and is packed with information from 22 historical sites spanning all of Vienna. Without this amazing research and work from Gloria and Sylvia, few would know about this history.

Gloria Runyon is a lifelong Vienna resident and descendant of a family involved in the growth of the town of Vienna for several generations.

Sylvia Taylor, Secretary of Historic Vienna, Inc., has written a history of Vienna’s African American community. Sylvia also has written an admirable history of Louise Archer Elementary School (founded 1939), and Mrs. Louise Archer who was a caring educational leader.

You can learn more about The African American Historic Sites of Vienna, VA Riding Tour by following this link: African American Historical Sites of Vienna, VA (