Annandale Greenway Team

The Annandale Greenway connects Green Spring Gardens to Annandale Community Park - a distance of about 4 miles - and uses existing park trails and public walkways for a majority of its length. The Greenway traverses many neighborhoods in Mason District, from diverse multi-family buildings, through multiple county parklands, the commercial downtown of Annandale, and both longtime and newer residential properties. As many as 50,000 people may live within walking distance of access to some portion of the Annandale Greenway. From an initial idea, the Annandale Greenway now has dozens of active supporters and has been added to Fairfax County’s Active Transportation Plan for future funding.

The Greenway was conceived by Annandale Greenway Team member Jim Albright, the Mason District representative to the Fairfax County Sidewalk and Trails Committee.  His Greenway teammates, Holly Hazard and Nancy Hall, also Mason District residents, have conducted trail cleanups and community hikes of the Greenway, to solicit support and demonstrate the value of hidden gems already in our neighborhoods.  The team is currently working on designing wayfinding signs to direct users onto the trail, which will greatly enhance future usage and support.

The COVID-19 pandemic increased residents’ desire for recreation out-of-doors and close to home.  Jim Albright identified and highlighted opportunities almost literally “in our backyards” for recreation, discovery, history, environmental habitat, etc. – that already was there, but often overlooked.  From diverse Lincolnia on the east to the historic house at Green Spring Gardens, the walking trails at Mason District Park and the commercial downtown of Annandale, where you can patronize local food establishments, then on to the pre-Civil War era Manassas Gap Railroad foundations, and Hidden Oaks Nature Center on the west, you can stroll through Virginia history, at your own pace and on your own time.  The result is a healthier and happier community that can benefit from the active and passive recreation provided by the Annandale Greenway.

Mason District Supervisor Penny Gross writes, “The Annandale Greenway Team, created by Jim Albright, and assisted by Holly Hazard and Nancy Hall, has opened hearts and minds to the delights of the natural and built environment all around us.  By connecting existing sidewalk and trail segments, the team has connected neighbors, families, and friends to shared values – community and appreciation for the outdoors.