Jenee Lindner

“Jenee is an outstanding volunteer who realizes the importance of preserving our rich historical legacy here in Fairfax County. She has worked countless hours as a volunteer for Friends of Historic Fairfax Court House, worked to preserve the historic Jermantown Cemetery, and worked with Interfaith and Racial Reconciliation efforts. Springfield District is lucky to be able to count on Jenee for her tireless advocacy of our history and for her boundless energy in serving as a volunteer”, notes Pat Herrity, Springfield District, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

Jenee has worked as a volunteer with a variety of organizations including Friends of Historic Fairfax Court House, Historic Fairfax City Inc., Fairfax Station Museum, and has also worked to help maintain and preserve the Historic African American Jermantown Cemetery. She was the lobbyist for the Resident Curatorship Program now used in the county to help preserve historic homes and businesses.  Jenee has worked to make sure history is honored and remembered as a county History Commissioner, including, having been on the recent Fairfax County Confederate Name Task Force and Fairfax County Redistricting Advisory Committee.

In addition to her work toward historical conservation, Jenee has also demonstrated a dedication to helping bridge divides in our community. She has worked as a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint’s good neighbor;  as an outreach leader with other churches; and at the grassroots level with an interfaith Racial Reconciliation unity group. Through them, she facilitated the creation of a new nonprofit called the Jermantown Cemetery Preservation Society for descendants. Jenee also helped with the first-ever Interfaith Springs Arts Festival: What Brings Us Joy.