Geoff Pohanka

“I am grateful to have such a strong community partner in Geoff and the Pohanka Automotive Group. The Pohanka Auto Group has been actively involved with supporting the Sully District community for quite a while and the steps they take to better the lives of the people in the Sully District are beyond generous.” Supervisor Kathy L. Smith

Geoff Pohanka is a perfect example of what we can do when we utilize our resources to make a positive impact in our community. Geoff committed resources and personnel throughout the entire Pohanka Automotive Groups’ dealerships in Fairfax County, to make a combined impact that can go way beyond what a single volunteer could commit to. When the pandemic hit, Geoff began thinking about how he could impact the underserved and underprivileged in Fairfax County, especially in a time of great uncertainty. To help meet the needs of the community, Pohanka Dealerships started three programs: Pohanka Delivers, Ox Hill Baptist Church Vaccine Drives, and Operation Warm.

Pohanka Delivers is a hotline that was promoted on various T.V. channels throughout the DC Metro region. They provided courtesy shuttles and drivers from each dealership as a transportation service to deliver much-needed food, medicine, and supplies to the infirmed, invalid, and elderly population, as well as the front-line workers and first-responders who gave so effortlessly when the pandemic hit. Pohanka Delivers was started in March 2020 and continues to serve our community in Fairfax County.

When vaccines first became available, it was extremely hard for many people to get an appointment. As a result, many people in underprivileged communities were unable to get a vaccine. Here in Fairfax County, Pohanka reached out to the elders at Ox Hill Baptist Church to inquire about their parishioners. Ox Hill Baptist Church welcomed Pohanka and contacted an outside medical company to administer the vaccines and helped the church to promote the vaccine drives to their parishioners. They set up multiple dates for both first and second vaccines to be administered. Over 100 people showed up at each drive to receive their vaccines and you could tell how extremely grateful they were to have received the assistance.

In the winter of 2021, Pohanks Auto Group partnered with Supervisor Kathy Smith’s office to provide new winter jackets to children in the Sully District. The coats were provided through Operation Warm, a 501c-3 that specializes in providing winter jackets to those in need. In total, and due to Pohanka’s generosity, the coat drive was able to cover the cost of over 250 winter jackets. The new coats were given to each of the three Title 1 elementary schools in the Sully District.