Volunteering is Our Business

Volunteer Fairfax specializes in fostering philanthropy in Northern Virginia, and throughout the Greater Washington DC Region. We connect businesses with high impact opportunities to serve, increasing the capacity of local nonprofit and public organizations by adding corporate skills and expertise to community resources.

Volunteer Fairfax helps build capacity within the corporate sector to build and manage employee volunteer programs. If you are looking for a volunteer project for your company, you can access our online database for current volunteer opportunities or nonprofit organizations by mission area and geographic location. A complimentary service for group referral up to 30 volunteers is also available.

Volunteer Fairfax also manages corporate service days for employee groups of 5 to 5,000 and more.

Volunteer Fairfax has resources that help build employee volunteer programs. By being a part of the community involvement programs, employees have opportunities to actively engage in community life, participate in teambuilding projects, as well as gain knowledge that increases skills. Additionally, sponsorship opportunities increase visibility and networking for participating companies.

Your first stop is our online database for current volunteer opportunities or nonprofit organizations by mission area and geographic location.

If you don’t find what you need, please contact Andrew Daniels who can help you choose the right engagement level for you and your company.

It is the intersection of a person’s professional work experience and knowledge of working with nonprofit and public agencies. Some examples include helping to design a website, using your carpentry skills, helping with building a stronger resume or translating work material into another language.

For companies, skills-based volunteering can be a great addition to any employee volunteer program. Studies have shown that offering employees volunteer opportunities can boost morale, build teamwork and enhances a company’s public image. Skills-based volunteering has the added benefit of allowing employees to use core skills in real world situations thus serving as cost-effective professional development.

For employees, skills-based volunteering serves as a highly developmental experience that can expand and sharpen workplace skills. This form of volunteering can increase confidence and knowledge and hone skills for future use in the workplace.