Timothy G. Fleming

Mr. Fleming has served with the Franconia Volunteer Fire Department for 36 years and has served as Chairman of the Volunteer Fire Commission for 20 years.  Chief Fleming has provided exemplary support services to Fairfax County professional firefighter and paramedic services for over three decades, while also managing the Franconia Station in terms of budget, operations, and personal management. Chief Fleming is the only Operational Chief that is Suppression and EMS Certified as a Command Officer.

In addition to all of his emergency response and management responsibility, Chief Fleming has gone out of his way to be personally visible within the community and supporting the surrounding area through a myriad of community events, faith-based organizations and drives over the course of his 36 years of service, including mentoring members of Company 5 (Franconia Volunteer Fire Department) and other volunteers throughout Fairfax County.

“While I’ve only known Chief Fleming for a short time, I was immediately struck by both his long tenure of service and willingness to be a resource for my office. This has been meaningful to me not just as Lee District Supervisor, but also as Chair of the Public Safety Committee. His insights and advice have been invaluable. Chief Fleming is a perfect example of what makes Fairfax County such a safe and desirable place to call home. He is invaluable to Lee District, ”  stated Rodney Lusk, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.