Cathy Hosek volunteered more than 500 hours in 2023 and countless additional hours over the years for a variety of organizations serving her local community and county. Her activism is fueled by a profound commitment to equity, serving as a bridge to empower low-income families within our community.

An exceptional advocate, she is deeply committed to Fairfax County Public School (FCPS), volunteerism and the welfare of her local community. She currently serves as the Co-Chair for Ventures in Community, collaborating with local entities to enhance human services programs for underserved individuals in Fairfax County. Additionally, Cathy chairs the Education Committee Chair on the Mount Vernon Council of Citizens’ Associations, championing public education and striving to ensure students receive top-tier educational opportunities. 

Active in GrandInvolve, Cathy plays a pivotal role in connecting senior volunteers with Title I schools, offering crucial tutoring support to vulnerable students. As a member of the FCPS Facilities Planning and Advisory Council, Cathy contributes to the development of school maintenance plans and addresses issues related to the equity of school boundaries. Additionally, Cathy was the PTA President for Stratford Landing Elementary School for two years.

Through her tireless efforts and extensive involvement with these entities, Cathy actively works to enhance human services programs, advocate for public education, support vulnerable students and address issues related to school maintenance and boundaries, making a tangible difference in the lives of many individuals and families. 

“Having known Cathy for decades, I can attest that she is one of our most dedicated individuals, knitting together school and community support for the benefit of our children/students. Cathy works tirelessly to ensure nobody is left behind and empowers others, fosters positive change and sets an inspiring example for us all.”

Supervisor Dan Storck, Mount Vernon District