We received 162 individual nominations across 15 different award categories, which we are proud to showcase in our Virtual Program.  The volunteer stories of each of the extraordinary nominees are inspiring and heartening.   The selected winners’ achievements are a testament to both their individual dedication and passion for their work, and the commitment and energy of the nonprofit partners, government agencies, and fellow volunteers who make their work possible.

We ask you to begin by reading the profiles of our Competitive Award winners and the Community Champions on their dedicated Kudoboards.  Then, we invite each of you to share a connection that you have to the work, the organization, or the person by posting a message, picture, or video on these celebration boards. Posting is easy, just provide an email address – there’s no sign-in required.*  Everyone who posts will also be entered into our Virtual Raffle**.  Let’s use these boards to send out some positive Kudos to our fellow volunteers and partners.  We hope you get inspired, find new ways to volunteer and connect with the community.  Start here by clicking on the winner names below to access their Kudoboard!


2020 Competitive Award Winners

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* NOTE ABOUT THE CONTENT YOU POST: Further to the Terms of Service for your use of the Volunteer Fairfax Kudoboard site, your posting of content on this site constitutes your granting of permission to Volunteer Fairfax to share or reproduce any portion of the content you post, including your written words, voice, photo or other likenesses, for the use of Volunteer Fairfax in publications which can include but is not limited to, websites, social media, brochures and other printed or electronically published matter, without any compensation to you.   

** Any person who completes one or more Kudos and provides an email will automatically be entered into our Virtual Raffle.  You will receive a raffle code in a separate email to use for individual raffle items.