Here at the volunteer center, we are always in need of the tools and materials that help us accomplish fix-up, spruce up, clean-up projects we perform for neighborhood nonprofits.  Recently, a VF staff member approached Twins Ace Hardware for a financial contribution to support these important community tasks. Ace had an even better idea!

Kim Luckabaugh contacted Craig Smith of Twins Ace Hardware to request sponsorship of the 22nd presentation of VolunteerFest, our region-wide day of service.  Jeff shared that he gets several similar requests per week and he wishes he could fulfill each and every one. Based upon his high regard for Kim and the fact that they “hate to say no,” the brothers offered an in-kind donation option. “What do you need?” Need? Volunteer Fairfax has a never-ending need for hardware items for community projects.  A call was made back to the Volunteer Fairfax office and a hardware store Wish List was quickly presented.  It included paint brushes and rollers, drop cloths and work gloves, and a Shop Vac!

It was like Christmas in October the day that several Ace Hardware bags—and one really big box–arrived in the office.  Staff gathered round to share the excitement. Jessica Warren was especially pleased because, as Corporate Services and Event Coordinator, she will be able to put these items to immediate good use on business to charity projects, what we call BusinessLink at Volunteer Fairfax.

Craig and his brother Jeff are the owners of Twins Ace Hardware founded in 2011. Located in Fairfax, they have a new location opening in Arlington.  As mentioned, these businessmen receive a fair number of donation requests.  For Craig it is important if a request fulfills a need for a local project that can benefit directly from what Ace Hardware can offer.  “We are an independent, local business.  We should be supporting the community.  They support us.”

At this time of year, as the Giving Season nears and our thoughts turn to gratitude, we know we could not accomplish our mission of creating a better community through service without you.  Whether you have given your valuable time, your professional talents, or your hard-earned treasure, we are so grateful for your support of volunteerism.  We thank Craig and Jeff Smith for their creative solution to our request for support, and we wish Twins Hardware the best as they open doors of their new store in Arlington.

If your small business is looking to give back, think in-kind donations. Your donation of services or products could be the best solution to fulfill need in the community. Contact Marianne Aliconato discuss your charitable potential.