Karen Campblin

Kathy Smith, Sully District, Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, stated that “Karen is an inspiring leader in the community, who is well respected among her colleagues. She is a tireless advocate for the environment and underrepresented communities. Her passion for her community inspires others to become more involved. She always thinks first of others and how she can help. The Sully District is so lucky to have Karen Campblin working on their behalf.”

In all her ventures, Karen is remarkable in the way she leads and mentors her colleagues. Her passion for environmental justice can be seen as she tirelessly educates and advocates on how we can protect our environment. Karen provides information on what action community members can take to have their voices heard. This includes education on the legislative process and actions that can be taken.  Her colleagues claim that Karen never uses “me” language, and only “us” language. Whether praise or criticism is being spoken, Karen always adopts the mindset of “us.” She shares the glory with the community.

Karen is involved in many organizations: she is a member of the Tree Commission, the Land Unit J Task Force, the Joint Environmental Task Force (JET), Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Association, co-chair of the Transportation Committee, co-director of the Green New Deal Virginia, Transportation and Smart Growth co-chair of the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club, and lastly she is the Environmental and Climate Justice Chair of the Virginia State Conference NAACP.