Celebrating the Honorees Together

 Each year, Volunteer Fairfax looks forward to honoring the volunteers, nonprofit organizations, and corporate partners who work tirelessly to make Fairfax County a better place. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Volunteer Fairfax moved its Annual Fairfax County Volunteer Service Awards to a virtual platform, which launched today.

As Volunteer Fairfax listened to feedback from its stakeholders, it was clear that the Volunteer Service Awards represented an opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate volunteerism. Considering that an in-person event was no longer possible, Volunteer Fairfax was determined to provide a memorable way to both recognize the award recipients and virtually celebrate as a community. Volunteer Fairfax is proud to share the Virtual 2020 Annual Volunteer Service Awards, where the 13 competitive award winners, and the Community Champions, are recognized and celebrated. Each honoree will have a uniquely crafted celebration board, called a Kudoboard. Volunteer Fairfax encourages everyone to visit these celebration boards and join them in recognizing these amazing volunteers by posting a congratulatory message, image, or video.

Additionally, in conjunction with the launch of the virtual Volunteer Service Awards, an online raffle will be held from June 23 through July 6, supporting Volunteer Fairfax’s efforts to celebrate the honorees on this virtual platform during these unprecedented times. Lastly, to encourage people to join them in celebrating volunteerism, people who post on a Kudoboard will receive a code that will grant 10 free raffle tickets.

“Those celebrated within these pages assist our local government agencies and non-profits by providing enrichment and educational opportunities for the community, supporting environmental stewardship and providing aid to the most vulnerable among us”, said Steve Mutty, CEO of Volunteer Fairfax.  “Their support inspires us and that’s why Volunteer Fairfax will continue to honor them and to share their stories.  They represent the best in each of us.”

The 2020 Volunteer Service Awards are supported by Deloitte, The Sica Family Charitable Fund, Kaiser Permanente, and Northwest Federal Credit Union. Follow social media for updates on the Volunteer Service Awards.

For more than 45 years, Volunteer Fairfax has mobilized people and resources to improve communities in the region. Please visit their website for details on how Volunteer Fairfax is responding to the communities’ needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.