Just about Thanksgiving time, the Secret Santa mystery begins anew! First, every VF staffer’s name goes into a hat.  Next, each staff member draws the name of a colleague.  Then…the secret-keeping begins!

If you have drawn the name of your lunch partner, your Santa job is easy because you probably know your giftee’s favorite music or candle scent.  But if you have drawn the new kid on the block, you may have to get intel from office elves.

The gift drop location is identified and stealthy Santas deposit wrapped presents to the agreed-upon location. Only the name of the recipient is listed.  Some deep-cover Santas use technology to print out the recipient’s name so as to avoid handwriting detection.

The big day arrives and the staff gathers…no phones…Santa rule. One person is the gift elf and each staff member —who have ALL been good ALL year—receives a much-anticipated present.  It is a great time of laughs, surprises, inside jokes, and sometimes tears.

When every present is open, the fun really begins because it is time to guess who your Secret Santa is!  Santa Rule…you get three chances.  Solving your Secret Santa’s identity is just too much fun.

After all the Santas have been revealed, everyone is starving and ready for a Santa-size lunch. Secret Santa Day is one of the most-anticipated traditions at the volunteer center; a festive way for us to appreciate each and every staff person for year-round good works and good cheer.

Happy Holidays to Us, Everyone!

During this season of giving, Volunteer Fairfax shares many opportunities to give back to our community through our Holiday Heroes Handbook. And, if you are Santa to someone who has everything, please consider a gift to support volunteerism in honor of your special someone. Visit Donations