Let’s Explore Your Options

Whatever your inspiration, Volunteer Fairfax wants to warmly congratulate you for taking this first step. Without caring and passionate community members like yourself, our region would not be the wonderful place it is to live, work and play. Now let’s explore your volunteer options…

For 45 years, Volunteer Fairfax has been the heart of volunteering in Fairfax County. With a personal touch, the volunteer center matches the skills and interests of volunteers and donors to the needs of local nonprofit organizations, helping to build a better community through service. Through a variety of programs and services, Volunteer Fairfax strengthens the capacity of its nonprofit and public agency members and offers meaningful volunteer opportunities for local citizens. Through both personal one-to-one interaction and website referrals, Volunteer Fairfax connects the community to volunteer opportunities through traditional and emerging forms of communication.

Volunteer Fairfax offers numerous services and programs that make it easy and convenient for you to volunteer. VolunteerNow!, a searchable catalog of volunteer opportunities, allows volunteers to search for up-to-date opportunities instantly. Additionally, Volunteer Fairfax holds large community-wide days of service like VolunteerFest and Give Together: A Family Volunteer Day that provides easy access to many volunteer opportunities. View our Programs and Services here.

VolunteerNow! is Volunteer Fairfax’s premiere searchable database for volunteer opportunities. Individuals and groups can search for opportunities based on mission, location, skills and much more! Once you find an opportunity, you can express interest through our website and the nonprofit will contact you regarding the position.

After expressing interest in a volunteer opportunity, nonprofit and government agencies are asked to respond to your inquiry within 2-4 business days. If they do not contact you, please send an email to

Requirements will vary depending upon the type of position it is and the organization it supports. You will be informed by the organization regarding specific needs to get you started.



Volunteer Fairfax keeps its supporters informed through traditional and emerging forms of communication. You can sign up for the Individual Email List on our homepage to learn about Volunteer Fairfax updates and upcoming events. Additionally, you can add Volunteer Fairfax on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Volunteering offers many benefits to nonprofits but also to the individual volunteers. It can help you: build important skills professionally and personally, improve your health, meet new people, feel needed, enhance your resume, gain work experience, gain self confidence and much more. The benefits gained are as unique as the volunteer.

You can find the opportunity that best suits your needs through VolunteerNow!. The types of opportunities range from mentoring children to helping the environment to prepare food for the homeless population. With so many needs in the community and with such an array of nonprofits, we are certain that you will find the perfect fit. Volunteers are involved with just about every sector of the community and do just about any task you can imagine. When you are thinking about what you would like to do, try and match it with your interests, passions, skills or experience.

Find a direct engagement opportunity in our programs or special events. We make the connections for you to make it as easy as possible.

As part of Volunteer Fairfax’s commitment to promoting volunteerism, the volunteer center administers the Alternative Community Service Program (ACS), which places a broad range of court-ordered and attorney referred clients in community service positions in lieu of a fine or jail term.

Volunteer Fairfax works with hundreds of nonprofit organizations with different missions and public agencies meeting community needs.

Volunteer Fairfax offers a program specifically to adults with busy schedules. The Volunteers for Change program offers a monthly calendar with more than 50 different one-time projects in which to participate.

Every volunteer opportunity is different. Some nonprofits expect that you work a certain schedule while others need your support only one time for a certain number of hours. You can specify the type of volunteer opportunity when searching through VolunteerNow!

It’s entirely up to you! You can volunteer as much or as little as you like based on your time and interest. Keep in mind while some opportunities are structured to be one-time opportunities organizations do invest time, energy and effort to recruit, train and orient volunteers. By committing to volunteer more with an organization, you are leveraging their investment and providing a higher yield.

If an emergency situation occurs, Volunteer Fairfax may be called upon by the County to help recruit and train volunteers to assist in recovery. Depending on the scale of the emergency, Volunteer Fairfax may be activated to one of three levels:

  • Virtual Activation: Volunteers are registered through an online database. If necessary, the Volunteer Fairfax office may also be opened to process incoming volunteers.
  • Satellite Activation: A Volunteer Mobilization Center is opened near the scene of the emergency to process spontaneous volunteers who have begun to gather without prior registration. Depending on the scale of the emergency, multiple sites may be opened.
  • Full Activation: A Volunteer Mobilization Center is opened in one central location, simplifying the coordination process.

For more information regarding the Emergency Response program, please contact our Emergency Response staff.

There are various volunteer opportunities for youth. Volunteer Fairfax offers a few events a year that can allow this age group to participate in such as: Give Together: A Family Volunteer Day and VolunteerFest. To find other opportunities you can use VolunteerNow! Be sure to also check out our Youth Service Directory to search for other youth-specific opportunities.