NVSO Participant Chuck ToftoyMeeting senior Chuck Toftoy is an experience…you don’t know what to talk about first!  He has been there…done that…and got the t-shirt. The t-shirt he is wearing today at the Pickleball court is from the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics (NVSO). This year, 2017, marks the 35th presentation of the NVSO scheduled for September 9-20. Chuck Toftoy is an enthusiastic committee member and an athlete.  “I know some people see old folks as frail or weak or finished. Come out to The Games, my friend!”

NVSO, is a multi-sport annual event for participants 50 years or better.  Each state hosts its own regional games—usually during their best weather — with competitors meeting every two years in the National Senior Olympics. NVSO is an all-volunteer effort started by a handful of women and men who believed in living healthy longer.

For Chuck–a lifelong athlete and over-achiever with a What’s Next? attitude–becoming involved with NVSO was a natural progression. As a West Point cadet, he was a sprinter, a wrestler,Chuck Skydiving and played baseball.  In the Army, Lt. Col Toftoy, was an Airborne-Ranger, did two tours of Vietnam (wounded twice) and two tours at the Pentagon. Following his 20-year service, he entered business filling several high-profile positions including General Manager for Raytheon. What came next was a distinguished career teaching business. He is now Professor Emeritus of George Washington University. Upon retirement from academia, Dr. Toftoy, now a business consultant and mentor, turned author and has a 5th book due out soon! All of this activity did not stop Chuck on the fitness front. He ran the Boston Marathon, became a Mid-Atlantic Triathlete (Swim, Bike, Run) for 9 years, and with the NVSO, he achieved a 400-Meter Racewalk record in 2016.  “Having a goal is necessary for training. The goal is always the event that is coming,” says Chuck.

In 2015, RSVP-NV accepted the goal of raising the dozens of volunteers needed to support the NVSO games.  It is a partnership that has strengthened both organizations.  RSVP-NV, a program of Volunteer Fairfax is designed to engage folks 55+ in meaningful service, a mission that aligns perfectly with the living healthy longer mission of NVSO.

Chuck Carrying TorchIn his 15-year association with The Games, Chuck, an inductee into the Who’s Who of the National Senior Games Association, has seen much growth and change.  “The Board meets once-a-month, year-round. We are now 30 members. People are from such diverse backgrounds and they are soooo nice! Competitive…but nice…” Chuck says with a smile.  He adds that the events have also changed.  “The Games have evolved from a Track & Field focus to now having something for everyone! We have field events, but also Scrabble, Bunco, and this year’s “something new” is Rapid Chess.”

This September, more than 60 events will be held at locations NVSO Medalsthroughout Northern Virginia. Volunteer power is needed! Call 703-403-5360 or email Everyone 16 years or older can volunteer. Parents and grandparents are encouraged to sign up with your sports-mad teens.  “It’s great for young kids to see what seniors can do,” says Chuck.

Indeed! What seniors can do!  So, what’s next?

Opening ceremonies are Saturday, September 9, beginning 9 am at Thomas Jefferson Community Center. More info at Participant registration is available online or by mail. All events are free and open to the public. For information on volunteer opportunities at 55 years young and beyond, contact RSVP at 703-403-5360 or email