Carla Claure

Lee District Supervisor Rodney Lusk writes, “Carla Claure’s exceptional leadership during the COVID-19 Pandemic has helped community members with vital basic needs such as food, vaccines, and more. Carla has become a role model for her community by making sure that the voice and needs of the Latin X community are heard. Carla’s countless hours of volunteer work have impacted our residents in an immeasurable, positive way.”

Carla Claure has demonstrated exceptional leadership within her community and beyond. She has been a strong advocate and voice for her community on the Lee District Land Use Committee and Manufactured Housing Task Force. Carla is constantly keeping connected to the community to make sure its needs are being met. During the pandemic, she has worked tirelessly to make sure her community has had weekly food distributions that are still occurring. Residents along the Richmond Highway Corridor have been helped tremendously with weekly food distributions which provide food for over 200 families every week. She worked closely with the Health Department to create covid vaccine clinics and to register over 600 residents for vaccine appointments. She helped bring a low-cost rabies clinic to her community.

Carla’s volunteer efforts have directly impacted the Audubon Estates Mobile home park community (a 700 unit mobile home park) as well as many communities on the Richmond Highway Corridor. The communities have benefited greatly from Carla’s efforts to provide food, resources, and assistance to those in need. Carla has been able to act as an advocate to those who do not speak English and are in need of assistance. Carla has created a “Mothers Group” to support the community through difficult circumstances as well as to keep aware of issues within the community. Carla’s efforts to make sure residents have access to vaccine and health clinics in their neighborhood have helped her community remain as healthy as possible during the pandemic.

Carla has been a valuable partner by stepping up as a leader and voice for her community during the pandemic and beyond. She is well known as a “community ambassador” and is writing a guide for other community members to inspire community leadership.