Hasan firmly believes in the principle of personal responsibility and the importance of actively contributing to the betterment of our communities, whether they be local, statewide or beyond. When he discovered that his neighborhood, Monticello Woods, once had a dormant civic association, he was spurred to act. Recognizing the potential to unite their community, he and others took the opportunity to reignite interest in their neighborhood’s civic affairs. Leveraging the annual Neighborhood Night Out event, they advocated for the re-establishment of their neighborhood civic group, Monticello Woods Civic Association (MWCA). Since 2016, MWCA has proudly hosted its annual NNO event, which initially commenced with humble beginnings.

This journey with MWCA exemplifies Hasan and his neighbors’ collective commitment to fostering a strong sense of community and neighborly camaraderie within Monticello Woods. As the community continues to evolve, they remain dedicated to promoting civic engagement and empowering residents to shape the future of their neighborhood for generations to come. Hasan would like to recognize other long-time residents of Monticello Woods for their guidance, mentorship, and support: Liz and Mark Murphy, Mitch and Aileen Filipowcz, and David Daleda. 

In addition to the hours Hasan devoted to re-establishing his neighborhood civic group, he has spent more than 10 years and probably close to 700 hours volunteering for a number of organizations and School, Neighborhood Night Out, the FCPS Mentor Program at Lewis High School, FCPA volunteer activities on behalf of his community. These include Springfield Estates Elementary at Monticello Woods Park, Chairman’s Taskforce on Equity and Opportunity, Advisory Social Services Board, Lake Accotink Taskforce, and USMC (1999-2003).

“Hasan Shah is a perfect example of a committed Community Champion. He works tirelessly to make our community better and always lends a helping hand to those that need it most. His outstanding service on countless committees and initiatives speaks for themselves. It is a privilege to know and work with Hasan and to have him as a constituent in Franconia District.”

Supervisor Rodney Lusk, Franconia District