It was just days before Christmas break. A few Volunteer Fairfax staff was gathered in the front lobby chatting when bounding in the front door came a bundle of energy called “Josey.” In her hand she was waving some paperwork and announced that she had “Done it!” She had “finished up early and here’s the proof!”

It turns out that this happy young lady was an ACS client, Alternative Community Service. ACS is a service provided by Volunteer Fairfax. Working directly with probation officers, attorneys, and court officials, Volunteer Fairfax places court- referred and pre-trial clients at vetted agencies where they perform community service in lieu of a fine or a jail term. Performing service tends to enhance the client’s reputation with the Court. Each ACS client receives personalized service at Volunteer Fairfax. The client is placed at an agency where both duties and the location are compatible to the client. A successful outcome for both the client and the agency is the goal of the ACS program.

VF: How many hours were you scheduled to serve?
J: 24

VF: Where were you placed?
J: I was placed at Chesterfield Residences. It was awesome!

VF: Awesome! What did you do there?
J: So many things! I decorated for the holidays. I helped serve lunch. I even helped with the Salsa dance class.

VF: How do you feel about your experience at Chesterfield?
J: I feel really thankful! Thankful for the opportunity to get my hours done and it was great to give back. I even finished my hours early because I want to start the New Year right!

VF: So what’s next, Josey?
J: Well I am ready to leave my current job. I want to get into something new.

At that point, Volunteer Fairfax staff put on a different hat.

VF: Have you heard about the Fairfax County Skillsource Center?
J: No.

VF: There are several office locations throughout the county. At the SkillSource Center you find a number of services to help you find your next big thing! They offer resume help, interview workshops, job openings and skills trainings. Here let me get you some information…

Josey went from being a happy ACS “graduate” to a happy “girl on a mission.” With this new information from Volunteer Fairfax, Josey acquired her next action steps for starting the New Year right!

At Volunteer Fairfax, we are pleased when we can provide support or information to help the citizens of our community help themselves so they can potentially give back to our community. Start your New Year! Volunteer Now!