Nancy Hall serves in a variety of roles as both a community advocate and volunteer.  Mrs. Hall is Secretary on the Executive Board of 4 Public Education, a nonprofit that supports a united, sustainable, fully supported public education system.  She is a Trustee at the Little River Church of Christ where she helps to support the church’s various programming and outreach efforts and also, a member of the Financial committee for the Annandale Christian Community for Action and here her participation helps to ensure proper funding to address food insecurity and other community resources for those in need. 

It doesn’t stop there; Mrs. Hall is also the President of the Board of Directors on the Royal Homeowners Association where she advocates for the needs of homeowners.  She is the Assistant Chief of Same day Voter Registration and a Precinct Captain for Mason District Democratic Committee because she is committed to having the community civically engaged.

Mrs. Hall is a committed leader, who time and again has shows dedication to helping the community prosper including supporting green spaces, addressing food and housing insecurity and helping to promote civic engagement across Mason district on Fairfax County on the whole. 

“Nancy’s commitment to volunteering her time to these organizations shows her unwavering dedication to supporting our community and promoting civic engagement here in Mason. We are truly grateful for her leadership, hard work, and unwavering commitment to making our community the cultural hub of Fairfax County.”  

Supervisor Andres Jimenez