Carrie Conley’s is a gardener, innovator and creative thinker who has greatly enhanced Kingsley Commons community garden space while also supporting public access to fresh food.  Through specific initiatives such as building self-watering containers and planning and establishing Hands on Harvests’ newest demonstration vegetable garden, she has displayed know-how, ingenuity, and a commitment to serving the community.

Her gardening practices are aimed at promoting healthy, sustainable living by growing fresh food locally and educating others on how to effectively cultivate public garden spaces.  Through her collaborative efforts with several local nonprofits, her support of education for both adults and youth garden programs, Ms. Conley helps Fairfax County residents and fosters a sense of belonging throughout the community.

Mrs. Conley also brings community together by hosting many celebratory events which has brought members of Kingley Commons together to enjoy outdoor spaces and to meet others.  Her volunteer service has increased access to fresh food, enhanced community engagement and inspired others to join in making a positive difference in their community.

“Carrie’s unwavering dedication and invaluable service to our community is immensely appreciated. Her passion for gardening and commitment to fostering a healthy and inclusive environment have made a profound impact on us all.”