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During the current emergency, Volunteer Fairfax, in collaboration with the other members of the Metro Coalition of Volunteer Centers requests that all prospective volunteers contact their local volunteer center by phone or website, or call 1-800-VOLUNTEER, to be connected to the volunteer center nearest where you live. Please do not go to the scene of the disaster since that could slow you down or hinder rescue operations. We urge everyone to attend to the needs of your families and neighbors first and follow instructions of your local emergency management agency.

VF Stories Library

We are sharing vignettes
about the volunteer
center including,
stories of service,
special events, and
everyday moments.
Check out
our library.

Get Involved

Join us for an upcoming orientation:
RSVP - Northern Virginia
on June 21 and July 25;
 Volunteers for Change
on June 12 and June 29.

Be a Philanthropist!

Did you know you can
DOUBLE your charitable
gift if your company has a 
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Program? $40 gift to
Volunteer Fairfax would
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Human Resource Dept.
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company website. 
You+Your Employer=
Double the Good

Volunteer Fairfax  Jobs Board

smiley sunSummer is here and so the season for job hunting has arrived! As a community service, Volunteer Fairfax offers the Jobs Board, a digital bulletin board where job posters and job seekers can connect.  Posts may be for internships, fellowships, summer jobs or permanent post-grad opportunities. Best of luck! And remember, volunteer service is a great way to build a resume and make contacts!  More…

imagesNeed to support your Volunteer Managers?

The Volunteer Fairfax Volunteer Management Training Series supports our nonprofit partners in building and strengthening their volunteer management capacity.  Upcoming educational opportunities includes two in-person trainings and two (NEW!) webinars addressing hot topics in volunteer management for beginners to experienced managers. Click here for more information!

Stories for 40 Years—In Celebration of Volunteer Fairfax’s
40th Anniversary of Serving the Community

The House that Miss Ambler Built
Bungalow smallIf you have driven by the Fairfax County Courthouse, you may have seen our office.  But, maybe not… it is easy to miss the small house in the middle of this busy section of Fairfax.  Across from the courthouse there stands a small grey house with red shutters.  It is the home of Volunteer Fairfax.  First-time visitors and passersby are often intrigued when they enter the building… intrigued by its age and, ah charm.   So we thought we would tell its story.  We gratefully acknowledge the kind assistance of several super-sleuths who helped us uncover historical facts including Maryan Smith, Jenee Lindner, Lee and Joan Hubbard, and Lynne Garvey Hodge. More… 

40 Years of Impact!

On May 6, our 40th anniversary year concludes. 
We have enjoyed celebrating with you through service,
welcoming you at events, sharing stories
through the VF Stories Project and
even put together a video!




Help us launch into the next 40 years of service. 
Click to find out more.

Volunteer Fairfax 2015 Annual Report

Volunteer Fairfax is pleased to debut our 2015 Annual Report, a brief synopsis, about the year that was.  In this report, we share highlights, financial statistics, and acknowledgement of our sponsors, board and staff.  We invite you view it here.