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During the current emergency, Volunteer Fairfax, in collaboration with the other members of the Metro Coalition of Volunteer Centers requests that all prospective volunteers contact their local volunteer center by phone or website, or call 1-800-VOLUNTEER, to be connected to the volunteer center nearest where you live. Please do not go to the scene of the disaster since that could slow you down or hinder rescue operations. We urge everyone to attend to the needs of your families and neighbors first and follow instructions of your local emergency management agency.
Join the VF Team

IT Communications Intern

Teens, Need Service Learning Hours?

Here are your Action Steps:
1. Visit VF’s Just for Youth
2. Create a Profile
3. Youth Service Directory
4. Sign up for an opportunity
5. Go! And, have fun!

VF Celebrating Stories Library

We are telling tales about the volunteer center!  Enjoy our stories of Service, special events, and everyday moments. To view, click Celebrating Stories Library.

We Make Getting Started In Service Easy!

Join us for an upcoming orientation! Click Community Calendar to learn about upcoming orientations for RSVP Northern Virginia, Volunteers for Change, Volunteer Emergency Team (VET), and Community Ambassadors Team (CAT).

VF Wish List

Looking for a tangible way to support Volunteer Fairfax and volunteerism? We have organizational Wish List items that are important to our mission. Can you help? To fulfill a Wish click here

26th Annual Fairfax County Volunteer Service Awards—Silent Auction

Silent Auction is LIVE NOW. Check out what you can win! More than 80 generous donors have made this auction possible. Thank you! All proceeds go to support the recognition of the 144 Volunteer Service Awards Nominees.

Click Here for the list of all 2018 nominees! To see event photos and winners, please check back soon.

Volunteer Management Trainings

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Volunteer Leadership: The Art of Managing Up AND Down - (Webinar)
May 8 from 9:00 to 10:00 am

Consider your role as a leader to your volunteers and your other voices needed in the management of the entire organization.  We will talk about determining what volunteers really want and what your boss really wants… and how to adjust your work practices whether managing up or down.  

Click the links above to register for the upcoming training.  Contact Susan Sanow at ssanow@volunteerfairfax.org for more information!

Nonprofit Managers and Coordinators: Workshop-Developing An Effective Communications Plan

Communication Training

Presented by Loudoun Cares, Volunteer Alexandria, Volunteer Arlington and Volunteer Fairfax, this workshop is designed to help you accomplish your mission through strategic communications planning. Friday, June 1, 8:30-11:30am at Volunteer Alexandria. Register Today!